Company Profile

Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd began operating as a private company in 2005. It is owned by Managing Director Michael Bray. Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd has specialist telecommunication industry personnel to provide customers with their individual needs. The company draws upon 25 years experience in the industry, both nationally and internationally.

Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd is a specialist in the installation and provision of telecommunications infrastructure including, termination/testing and commissioning of internal/external optic networks.

Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd boasts accreditation in the live Optus and Telstra network.

We also provide services in Queensland.


Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd has customized and professionally fitted out service vehicles to meet the needs of our customerís installation.

Fibre Optics Specialists


Mikcomm Communication Pty Ltd uses a wide range of modern splicing and testing equipment to complete our installations, these include Sumitomo, Fujikura, Fitel, Anritsu, Nettest and Kingfisher.


To be a leader in the telecommunications industry and to be recognised as a company that delivers superior turnkey service to customers.


  1. Safety
  2. Quality
  3. Integrity
  4. Reliability
  5. Consistency